Rex-SMS School Management System

The Rex SMS and School Management System [Rex-SMS] helps to improve communications between the school, its students and their parents.

Welcome to MacroFocus REX™ School Management System.

School management system is key to every school administrator. Taking charge of a school involves being accountable for not only broad decision-making, such as curriculum standards and hiring guidelines, but also for the seemingly endless number of records that must be kept.

Every time an action is taken, from disciplining a student to paying for new construction, that event must be accurately recorded. One of the most crucial aspects of running a successful school is keeping parents and students in the loop.

Increasingly, students and parents are interested in tracking the things that directly affect that student. Examples include grades, homework assignments, disciplinary actions, behaviour management, and fee payments.

At MacroFocus Nigeria Limited, we create a school management system that automates and streamlines most of this process, making it easier to keep records clean, complete, organized, and easy to retrieve. Teachers and administrators can easily record all events that affect each student, and students and parents can log into the system at any time to check those records.

What Is School Management System?

A software-based school management system that helps teachers, administrators, and support staff streamline their daily duties. You can easily note whatever happens in the classroom, the school office, or anywhere in the facility. With just a few clicks, authorized users can pull a student’s entire history, all the transactions affiliated with a remodelling project, or even a history of the school’s special events or fundraisers.

School Management System is a large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business. SMS allows users to store almost all their school's information electronically, including information on students, employees, properties, teaching meteorites etc.

Who Is School Management System Right for?

Accurate, streamlined school management system is crucial for all stakeholders and vital for schools of all sizes. Administrators can track everything that happens within the school to improve budget decisions, staffing issues, and student management needs.

When parents are involved, student education improves. When students are permitted to access their own records, they become more engaged in their own educational process. School management system helps you achieve overall educational goals.

Teachers can access detailed reports on individual students and their classes to identify potential areas of concern. Students and parents can access individual records to find discrepancies and note issues that should be.

School management system also helps to improve communications between the school, its students, and their parents.

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