Rex-HRM and Payroll Management System

The Rex HRM and Payroll Management System [Rex-HRM] presents a comprehensive, fully integrated end-to-end human resources and payroll management and payment system.

Welcome to MacroFocus REX™ Human Resource and Payroll.

Rex Human Resource and Payroll gives you an easy, efficient, faster way of storing, accessing and retrieving personnel information and an easy payroll computation with minimal manpower and time. What you could not achieve with any other Human Resource and Payroll software is assured; this will help in enhancing your productivity. It introduces you to doing the most tasking aspect of wage computation. It also provides you with tips that lead you to exiting features, which have not existed in any payroll. "Searching the information you need" help locate your much-required information.

The brain behind the development of solution based REX™ Human Resource, Payroll and Pension is for simplification and automation of some business process that results to a faster and efficient information handling.

It fits into different levels of computing environment, whether single user or Client – Server Installations for networked environment thereby providing a solution for both small and large-scale corporate bodies.

Rex-HRM management system caters all the industry's requirements. It presents a scalable, dynamic and flexible approach to accommodate the rapid growth and constant changes in the parameters of human resources and payment system services. It has been designed according to the highest international standards and codes in the healthcare insurance sector. Position itself as one of the most claim management software solutions available today. The solution is fully implemented for Seven (7) States Governments in Nigeria.